Recent Publications


1.Abeynayaka, Visvanathan C, Monthakanti N, Hashimoto T, Katayama H. Removal of DOM and THM Formation-Potential of Tropical Surface Water by Ceramic Microfiltration. Journal of WST -Water Supply, Accepted for publication (2012).

2.Martchamadol J, Kumar S. Thailand's energy security indicators. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, accepted for publication (2012).

3.Jain SK, Singh SN, Singh JG. An Adaptive Time-Efficient Technique for Harmonics Estimation of Non-stationary Signals. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, (In press).

4.Wartana IM, Singh JG, Ongsakul W, Sreedharan S. Optimal Placement of FACTS Controllers for Maximizing System Loadability by PSO. International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology, Inderscience, In press (2012).