Lower Carbon and Sustainable Production and Consumption Technologies and Management

The global, regional and national level observations at the later part of the 20th century and during the 21st century has clear indications that climate change due to global warming is an important, if not the most important, threat to the national goals of sustainable development, and its impact may be far reaching in terms of time (years) and its impact on the society. Leaders and professionals need to be aware on the options and measures through technology and policy approaches. Therefore, research and education that will lead to advancing knowledge, providing solutions and building capacity to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable production and consumption practices, and green growth, by reducing the impacts of global warming and assessing the vulnerability to the society, through technological innovations and innovative policies in the Asia Pacific is an important thrust area of the Center of excellence in Sustainable Development in the context of Climate Change. 

The thematic area “lower carbon, and sustainable production and consumption technologies and management (LCSPC)” addresses these above issues. Specifically, the thematic area’s objective is to increase adoption of policies and technologies towards a cleaner environment and sustainable energy access in Asia by 2016. Accordingly, the outcomes expected are: 

  • Increased awareness about integrating resource efficient concepts into cleaner production technologies amongst policy makers and industry
  • Improved knowledge (of industries, academia, general public) on efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies and processes
  • Increased adoption of sustainable consumption practices by industry and general public (reduced energy, reduced/reused/recycled materials usage, minimized waste)
  • Increased policy actions for adoption of technologies for improved energy access
  • Improved renewable energy system operations for environmental flow and reduced GHG emissions, and
  • Improved knowledge of carbon sequestration technologies  

The thematic group LCSPC at the AIT are involved broadly in the following (sub thematic) areas, which include, green house gas mitigation, sustainable production and consumption, sustainable energy resource, energy access and energy security, solid waste management and energy intensive industries. This research group at AIT conducts research on technology and policy issues in these sub thematic areas, and work on regional research themes, coordinating activities across countries of the Asia Pacific. The group members have been involved in conducting research and capacity building projects in this broad theme since the early 1990s in the countries of the Asia Pacific. 

For additional details on the activities of this thematic area, please contact the thematic team leader/members or the SDCC centre.