Projects listed by year [start year]


Optimal Design of Turbine Geometry for Small Hydroelectric Power Plant



Bangkok Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study.

Biofuel Sustainability Policy Study.

CDKN Project Proposal on Sustainable Tourism.

Indicator for Low Carbon Green Growth/Green (GDP).

Promoting Renewable Energy, Clean Fuels, and Energy Efficiency in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Sustainable urban tourism through low carbon initiatives: Experiences from Hue and Chiang Mai.

UNEP RRC.AP Project.

Urban and Peri-urban Energy Access III (GNESD – UPEA III)



Micro hydro – PV hybrid system.

Biomass Gasification Study in the Mekong Region.

Technology Needs Assessments in Asia for Climate Change Mitigation.

ICETT International Cooperation Network Information Project (ICNIP) in Thailand.

Low carbon cities: Learning from the experiences in France.



Actions towards Resource-efficient and Low carbon Cities in Asia.

Energy-Environmental Data Analysis for Low Carbon Society (EEDA).

Gender and transportation research in Yunnan China

LCA of Fine Double A paper Cradle to Grave



Capacity building for gender, poverty and mobility analysis of road transportation development in GMS region

LCA of Fine Double A paper Cradle to Mill Gate



Micro-vendors’ association’s leadership in the development of a solid waste management system in Daem Kor Market, Phnom Penh: A process documentation

Reverse Supply Chain Of PET Bottles



Southeast Asia Urban Environment Management Application Program (SEA-UEMA)